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My First Sophie’s Universe Blanket

First project I want to share is a blanket. In mid-2015, I finished this crochet-along (CAL) to see what the hype was all about. Decided to use scrap yarns, and immediately regretted it! It did come out beautiful with lots of compliments from one of my favorite crochet groups on Facebook, but I just knew it could have been more wonderful and definitely much softer had I picked proper yarn!

Upon finishing this CAL, you definitely can’t call yourself a beginner anymore. As long as you know how to read a written pattern and follow video tutorials, this can be a great project to advance your crochet skills. This CAL will teach you front/back post stitches, popcorn and bobble stitches, and surface crochet.

The pattern for Sophie’s Universe (by Dedri of can be found here.

Click the images below to see my first “Sophie” at Kaka’ako Waterfront Park!



Want your own finished Sophie? Use the form below to contact me about personalizing and ordering.

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