crochet amigurumi fibi the fox lalylala

My First Lalylala

I’ve been wanting to create a Lalylala doll since I first discovered her shop many moons ago! The excuse *ahem* “opportunity” came along when a family member/frequent customer discovered the same shop and ordered some!

First in line was Fibi the Fox. My materials were larger than prescribed, so I imagined mine would come out larger as well. I just didn’t think it would be soooo much larger! As prescribed, the finished doll would come out to just over 10 inches tall. Mine was a whopping 22 inches!!

I did decide to make some alterations for this and for future Lalylala dolls. For this one I decided to attach the arms as I made the body. This method makes a more secure join, especially important when the doll is intended for a child. I may alter the placement of the arms, making it further back; and close the arm as I join them to the body. (That last part may only be understandable to seasoned crocheters, sorry)



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