Adventures in Lalylala Land: Part 4

This one is another cutie!

By now I’ve figured out how I can attach the arms as I make the body. I don’t sew or sc the arm closed. I start attaching one side of each arm when I have 3 more rows to go on the body. The second part of the arm on the next row. Then the last round of the body to finish off. This method I feel is much more secure compared t sewing them on because the arms are fused onto the body. For me, this also provides a cleaner look on the join.

LONI the Lion

I’ve also figured out by now how to fix the “floppy” neck. Just make the stuffing firmer in the neck area compared to the rest of the body. It helps to monitor this when you are attaching the head to the body. As you sew around the neck, add stuffing until you are satisfied and the flop is gone!

LONI the Lion

I wonder, which Lalylala should I make next?

  • Pattern: Lalylala
  • Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Warm Brown: Red Heart (vintage) in Coffee; Red Heart With Love in Eggshell
  • Hook: Clover Soft Touch, 3.75mm
  • Other Materials: 12mm plastic safety eyes from Glass Eyes Online; polyester Fiber Fill from Hawaiian Pillow
  • Photo credit: A River Lily

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