Baymax Plush

Big Hero 6’s Baymax has been a best seller in my Etsy shop, making it as far as Canada and Ireland! Baymax is a crafter’s dream and came out to be one of the easiest amigurumis I’ve worked on so far. From making this doll so many times, I found some tricks and tweaks to make this doll easier to make.


Materials I use: Red Heart with Love in White, 12mm black safety eyes, Hawaiian Pillow Co. fiber fill, size G/4mm Clover Soft Touch crochet hook, yarn needle, and sewing pins.

I like to start off by making the limbs and head first. For the arms, I make the fingers and attached them as I made the 3rd round of the arm. (Insert the hook on both sides of the finger and crochet in corresponding stitch on the arm.) I replaced the last round with a “sc each around” instead of decreasing. This allows for a nicer attachment point for later.

Once the 5 parts are done, I work on the body as stated in the pattern. The arms are attached on rounds 34 and 35 as they are made. (Similar to attaching the fingers to the arm: insert hook onto a stitch from the “armpit” and into the body). I feel this method of attaching is more secure and reduces time spent sewing.


Pattern is by AmigurumisFanClub and can be found here.

You can purchase your own finished Baymax doll from my shop here.

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