New Location

After maybe a year and a half on the waitlist, I finally got the call! A locker has become available at the local craft store!

Thursday, I receive a call about lockers being available on “all levels.” There are 4 levels of 17-inch lockers, my first choice was one at eye-level or second from the top. But they’re “first come, first served,” so I dashed over as soon as I could. When I got there, there were none available at my preferred level, one available at the third level, maybe two at the top level, and a bunch on the bottom level. Imagine if I waited until we were in the area, I’d probably have to deal with a bottom level! Not that the bottom is bad, but it’s just not my preference.

At first I thought a top one would be good. Then, I realized I’m probably too short to tend to that level properly. In the end, I picked one at the third level. It is low enough where I could comfortably sit on my knees while I tend to my locker.

Move-in day was the next Monday! I got a call notifying me of my SKU number (so the store can pay me what I sell), and I dashed over again to put some stuff to replace the generic “Coming Soon” sign the store puts.



The first thing I did was take measurements of the locker. Some lockers have made walls or installed “wallpaper.” That’s not in my plans yet, but I figure now is the best time to measure. I put some things that I think will be quite the visual and offered different price ranges. The inventory notes I took were detailed down to the number of cards I put in. The nerd in me wants all the data! Like how many people were interested enough to take a card or brochure?

I’ve yet to feel the effects or visit my locker again.

Something by Vera’s My Locker (#47) is located at HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts in Mapunapuna, 2810 Paa St, Honolulu, HI 96819. What kinds of things do you like to see at “storefronts” like this?

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