Meet the Maker: Tools and Materials

Today we meet tools and materials that I can’t live without. Staples in my toolbox are crochet hooks, yarn, and stuffing. Yes, I’d also need other things like scissors, needles, and measuring tape. But when worse comes to worse, I can improvise. I’ve used keys to cut my yarn, crochet hooks to tuck in yarn ends, and phone screens to measure. Here are some things that can halt production if I didn’t have them in my arsenal.


Crochet hooks. This must be the most important tool one would need to start crocheting. It can be as expensive as something hand turned, or literally your hand (think finger crocheting); but you’re gonna need something if you want to crochet. My two favorite crochet hooks are from Clover USA and Furls.

From Clover USA, I use Soft Touch Crochet Hooks. They’re reasonably priced and accessible where I can buy multiples of each size, and they’re comfortable and lightweight enough for amigurumi detail work.

From Furls Crochet, my favorite is the Odyssey line. They are one of the cheaper lines that Furls has, so it’s easier to get a few sizes or if you just want to try out the brand. I love using these for when I know I’ll be crocheting for a long time. I’ve gone for hours at a time with these.


The most common brand and line in my stash areĀ Red Heart Super Saver. They come in a wide range of colors and my local stores stock them regularly. Sometimes, one can’t wait for an online order to arrive. Dye lot numbers are not a thing to be worried about, so colors are consistent and I can use up a skein knowing the next one I buy will not change the look. They’re economical, therefore I can offer my finished products at a more accessible price point. Red Heart With Love is a softer version I am also fond of, but does not come in as many colors as Super Saver does.


In a perfect world though, I would love to have Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. It may be a little more expensive than Red Heart Super Saver, but I feel the quality is much better. The yarn is very smooth to work with and amigurumis come out squishier. However, there is no Hobby Lobby in Hawaii and they charge more than I am willing to pay for shipping to Hawaii (BOOOOOO!!!)


What’s a plushie without stuffing? I use quite a bit, so I purchase the largest box I can find. That would be Fairfield Poly-Fil. They are available locally in massive 10 pound boxes! It is also very easy to find online with free or cheap shipping, to Hawaii! I’ve been going through at least 2 of those per year. I like them because they’re easy to work with and hypoallergenic.


Again, if I had my way, my absolute favourite would be from Hawaiian Pillow Co.. It is very soft to work with, and almost no flyaway particles. It’s like working with a cloud! What stops me from using them all the time is that the largest they sell them in are 4 pound bags, and I have absolutely no room to store them in wholesale amounts!


What are some qualities you look for in your tools and materials?

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I’ve purchased the items mentioned on my own and am not receiving any compensation for a good review.

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