Yarn Haul

One thing that sucks about being in Hawaii, is the availability of yarn. It can get expensive and/or hard to get. Hobby Lobby for example excludes Hawaii and Alaska in “Free Shipping” promos and even regular rate shipping!

So when deals like what Red Heart had came along, I had to jump on it! This was, if I remember correctly, 20% off your total purchase plus free shipping on orders $50 and above.


This is a brand I use very frequently and had some new colors, so why not? I ordered a few colors I use regularly, some colors that are rarely available locally, and some just because.


It took nearly a month for 9 pounds of yarn to get here, but it’s arrival still made my day!


Now who wouldn’t like to come home to a box full of squishy goodness?!!




Craft Sale Haul

This past weekend, I went to a local craft supply yard sale. There was only about an hour left when I got there, but still managed to find some great finds and deals!

The first table I went to, I already found my favorite brand of stamps! She also had a buy one get one free deal, so why not!



The sale tables were mostly of scrapbookers. A LOT of stamps!!! Lots of paper, one table had some yarn, but there were SO MANY STAMPS!! Total, I spent $13. Brand new, retail price of my haul is probably close to $100. So with patience, yard sales like this can be quite rewarding.

Craft Swap Haul

My local craft store Ben Franklin Crafts hosted their first craft supply swap event. And of course, I had to go! So I went through my hoard of craft suppliesĀ  (except my yarns), and picked out stuff I knew needed a new home.

The trade-in started at 9am. We got there well before then! You trade in your unwanted supplies and get a ticket for each item. At 10am, you can start taking things! Items that did not get claimed would be donated to a local school.

We got there early enough to catch some great items. I had my eye on a few things that didn’t make it to my bag, and a couple things I could have gone without. They plan on doing this on a regular basis, so I can just put back what I didn’t end up using. I just wish I took a “before” photo to compare!

I scored these awesome Clover knitting needles! Kind of bummed there weren’t any crochet hooks, but I didn’t have these sizes anyways! Haha! They’re normally about $5-10 on Amazon, depending on the size. Also, one thing I learned recently: if Clover makes it, buy that. Overall, the quality of the products are great and are very affordable to the seasoned crafter.

Swith & Ditch Haul

Of course, I had to stop in the store to see what was on the clearance aisle! (My wallet’s favorite part of any store!) It just so happens, they had some adhesive that I needed and stamps by my favorite stamp brand. Aren’t they just adorable?

Swith & Ditch Haul

Lucky me, there was a pile of yarn! What reached my bag were 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver: Black Fleck, and Grey Heather. Also, I snagged a mini-mountain of (what feels like) wool. It’s some Japanese Brand, so I may have to Google some stuff before using it. Just for kicks, I took some sort of tool that makes rimmed tags, large paper clip set, and some stickers for my little one.

Swith & Ditch Haul

Overall, I loved this event and will be going to each one I am able to! It’s a fun way to rid your space of non-moving things and items you bought just to try. It’s very interesting to see the bag you arrive with change into a bag full of new toys! Now, what shall I turn these yarns into?