New Location

After maybe a year and a half on the waitlist, I finally got the call! A locker has become available at the local craft store! Thursday, I receive a call about lockers being available on "all levels." There are 4 levels of 17-inch lockers, my first choice was one at eye-level or second from the … Continue reading New Location

Pokemon Go!

Since it's release, I've been playing this game the best I can! Being a stay-at-home-mom, I'm not leveling up as quickly as others. But my crafty side is always finding something to make! So here's a non-crochet, non-yarn craft. Since I leveled enough to pick a team, why not make some stickers! Order yours here.

Quick Update

Not much new stuff lately. I've been working on a special gift for a friend in between orders. (That I'll post about once the gift is given, just to be sure ;)) In the mean time, the shop page for Sophie's Universe blanket is now live. You can view info about the blanket and order yours here. I've … Continue reading Quick Update