Plush and Stuffed Toys

Plush and stuffed toys available for order. New items and recently updated categories will be on the top! Feel free to contact me if you have something else in mind!


Find your next cuddly companion here!

Everything Else

Plush that just didn’t quite fit the other categories can be found here.

Food and Drink

They may look super delicious, but please don’t eat them!

Mini Lalylala Dolls

Want a more portable Lalylala? There are perfect to take anywhere! They may be half the size, but they’re just as adorable!


Pokeshop for all your Pokemon needs!


Find your new best friend here!

Cthulhu Plush

The perfect desk buddy to watch over you while you work…or play.

dottie the ladybug, crochet, handmade in hawaii


Some cute and cuddly ladybugs are just waiting to be made!


Are you a fan of other things too? You can find things about those things here!

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