Nanook the Husky

Here’s another cutie that made a recent comeback on my workstation. It’s also been a while since his picture was last taken, so we did another photo shoot for him! Just adorable!

Nanook the Husky

Nanook the Husky

Nanook the Husky

Nanook the Husky

  • Pattern: Nanook the Husky from Auroragurumi
  • Order yours here
  • Yarn: Red Heart With Love in White and Pewter
  • Hook: 4.0mm Furls Odyssey crochet hook from Furls Crochet
  • Other materials: 15 mm plastic safety eyes from Glass Eyes Online;  Polyester fiber filling from Fairfield

Updated Lupo the Lamb

The creator of these Lalylala dolls recently released a pattern update for Lupo! It simply improved the body, making the bobbles closer together and the seam is now straight!

I personally love this new texture. It sacrifies an inch or two off his height, but it’s still as cuddly as ever!!


  • Order yours here.
  • See the original version of Lupo here

Adventures in Lalylala Land: Part 5

Here’s another addition to my Lalaylala creations. Lupo the Lamb!

Lupo the Lamb Lalyala

This one uses a bobble stitch to create the lamb texture. It is also crocheted legs first, then body, and straight up to the top of the head. Which is not for me, so I think I’ll change that next time. I may just use a head from a different Lalylala and attach the head to the body by sewing. This way is easier for me to create a more stable neck.

Lupo the Lamb Lalyala

At this point, there’s nothing much else to say about these dolls anymore. They’re just so darn cute, how can you not share more photos?

Lupo the Lamb Lalyala

Moogly’s Leaping Stripes Line

Tamara Kelly from Moogly recently released a new item in her Leaping Stripes design, the Mersmerizing Mini Bag!

Mine came out to a cute size of 8×11 inches. Small enough to put valuables in for trips to the beach, or as a dress-up accessory for your little cutie!

Mesmerizing Mini Bag

The pattern is very easy to understand, as always. Once you get the hang of this stitch, you can easily get into a rhythm and finish up this project quickly. This stitch can also be made as a throw/blanket, a larger bag, and even a hat. All of these can be found in the Mooglyblog website.

Want one but don’t crochet? This bag is available my shop for ordering and customization!


Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website! I just recently started this and still new to the ins and outs of WordPress, so please bear with me. Here, you will see what I have been up to and shop my items all in one place! I’ll be slowly adding items as there are so many I could put.

Thank you all for joining me on my never-ending crafting journey, and may you be inspired to create something as well!