Finished Object Friday: Granny Square Sweater

Last year’s Black Friday, I had a good haul of this Heartland yarn by Lion Brand. This has been my on-the-go project because it’s just a big ol’ granny square!

Granny Square Sweater

I just made a granny square as wide as my arm span. Then slip stitched together the side into itself to form the sleeve. A single crochet edge around the openings. And there you have it!

Granny Square Sweater

Really, that’s it.

Granny Square Sweater

The top part is folded over to make it look like a collar.

Granny Square Sweater

Granny Square Sweater

Warm and comfy. But in this Hawaii summer, this sweater will have to wait.

Magic Rainbow Blanket

I have finally finished Luna’s blanket! And photos are finally here!

For this blanket, I used Moogly’s Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket pattern. I added enough squares to make it fit a twin size bed. Used various yarns like Red Heart Super Saver and Vanna’s Choice. Pretty much whatever I seemed to have enough of in my stash. For my full list, click here. Again for this project, I used my favorite hook, Furls Odyssey.


I altered the last couple rounds of the square so I don’t have any ends to weave in, I just crocheted over each color change. The only sewing in I did were the ends after joining each square to another.


This pattern is pretty easy. You don’t need much experience in crochet. As long as you know how to read written patterns, you’ll be fine. The squares are easy to memorize once you get the hang of it, maybe 5-10 squares for me.

Granny Square Bag

I’ve been wanting to make one of these bags for a while now. I finally took the opportunity to do so when I’ve frogged (rip/undo) my yarn for the 2nd or 3rd time. The more you frog a yarn, the more the yarn itself unravels and it doesn’t look as clean as it is fresh from the skein. These yarns are leftover from a dress I made for my daughter, so there was no real plan for this material.

I made 10 squares using the traditional granny square pattern. Here is a great tutorial from Tamara at on making granny squares.

Once my squares are done, I attached them accordingly using slip stitch. I think it created a great texture and made it look sturdy. Added some handles, woven in all the ends (the only time I needed a needle). Here is another great tutorial from, this time on making bag handles.

Maybe next time, I’ll make hexagon/african flower theme. Have you made this type of bag? Feel free to post and share your project in the comments! I love seeing what everyone comes up with!


  • Yarn: Cestari Heather Collection (75% cotton/25% wool), and Brown Sheep Company’s Cotton Fleece (80% cotton/20% Merino Wool)
  • Hook: 4.0 mm Clover USA Soft Touch