FO Friday: Magikarp Hat

This one was a fun one to make! Magikarp hat! As seen on the Pokemon Go game! It helps that the pattern was very well written (link below). I set aside nearly a week to work on this hat, but it only took a couple days! I think if I sat down longer for it, I could have finished it in 24 hours.

The pattern tells you exactly where to place each piece, which I think helps if you are not very familiar with this creature.

It was a perfect day for a photo shoot, the lighting made the hat pop!

FO Friday: Edith Hat

Get a head start on Halloween!

I’m starting to stock up on these hats. Because last year, I was crocheting at maximum capacity to keep up with demand!

The most popular item during Halloween season last year were these Edith hats. It was getting made in all sizes!

Edith Hat

Edith Hat


Avoid the rush and order Edith hat (or any other hat) here any time of the year!

Black Tourmaline Hat

I felt like knitting a hat out of a yarn I got a while back. It probably took me longer to find a pattern/design to knit than it took for me to actually make the hat. (Crocheter problems, lol!)


This pattern is super easy to follow and I just love the unique look of the finished product! This would make a great beginner project.

  • Pattern from: Caitlin ffrench
  • Yarn: Puppy Bergen (??? some imported yarn I scored from a craft swap)
  • Needle: 8.0 mm Clover Takumi bamboo double pointed knitting needles from Clover USA

Pixie Hat

Another quick post, just wanna share a quick project!

I felt like knitting recently and use up some scraps. The transition of the colors started earlier than the pattern calls for because I ran out of yarn!

Pixie Hat


  • Pattern: Knit Picks
  • Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in Dusty Blue and Red Heart Super Saver in Soft Navy

Slouchy Beehive Hat

The shop has been quite busy lately, but I finally managed to get photos of something I made before orders came in.

Gray Knit Beanie

I felt like getting my needles out and knit, and use up some yarn my sister found at a thrift store. I started off using circular knitting needles since I don’t need to worry about falling stitches or losing needles. But once I got about halfway through, I switched over to double pointed needles (dpn’s). Luckily, the set I had was long enough! This is especially easier once the decreases started.

Gray Knit Beanie

My personal queue is still (and probably always will be, right crafters!?) quite lengthy. So you just never know what I’ll be posting next!

Gray Knit Beanie

  • Yarn: sorry, the label is in Japanese, but it feels like a silk blend
  • Needles: 5.0 mm and 5.5 mm double pointed knitting needles from Clover USA; circular knitting needles from Knitter’s Pride
  • Pattern: Flower Pot Designs