Mici the Mermaid

I’m gonna lose track soon on what part of “Adventures in Lalylala-Land” I’m currently at, thus the title. Anyways Mici is finally here! I feel it’s been a while since my last Lalylala creation.

This one used some metallic thread, which gives it a great effect!

Mici the Mermaid

The main reason for this guy’s photo shoot delay was finding a location. But during the 4th of July weekend, we had a chance to drive a ways away from home and found a spot for him at the Kaka’ako Waterfront park.

Mici the Mermaid

It was nice to have some ships around in the background, I felt it inspires a backstory for Mici. As if he wandered off and got stranded far away from home. Perhaps he could use a water-dwelling friend.

  • Pattern: Mici the Mermaid from Lalylala
  • Yarn: Red Heart With Love in Eggshell, and Bluebell; Red Heart Super Saver in White and Red; Loops and Threads Impeccable in Royal
  • Hook: 4.00 mm Soft Touch crochet hook from Clover USA
  • Other materials: metallic thread in silver; 12 mm plastic safety eyes; polyester fiber filling
  • Order yours here

Updated Lupo the Lamb

The creator of these Lalylala dolls recently released a pattern update for Lupo! It simply improved the body, making the bobbles closer together and the seam is now straight!

I personally love this new texture. It sacrifies an inch or two off his height, but it’s still as cuddly as ever!!


  • Order yours here.
  • See the original version of Lupo here

Adventures in Lalylala Land: Part 5

Here’s another addition to my Lalaylala creations. Lupo the Lamb!

Lupo the Lamb Lalyala

This one uses a bobble stitch to create the lamb texture. It is also crocheted legs first, then body, and straight up to the top of the head. Which is not for me, so I think I’ll change that next time. I may just use a head from a different Lalylala and attach the head to the body by sewing. This way is easier for me to create a more stable neck.

Lupo the Lamb Lalyala

At this point, there’s nothing much else to say about these dolls anymore. They’re just so darn cute, how can you not share more photos?

Lupo the Lamb Lalyala

Adventures in Lalylala Land: Part 4

This one is another cutie!

By now I’ve figured out how I can attach the arms as I make the body. I don’t sew or sc the arm closed. I start attaching one side of each arm when I have 3 more rows to go on the body. The second part of the arm on the next row. Then the last round of the body to finish off. This method I feel is much more secure compared t sewing them on because the arms are fused onto the body. For me, this also provides a cleaner look on the join.

LONI the Lion

I’ve also figured out by now how to fix the “floppy” neck. Just make the stuffing firmer in the neck area compared to the rest of the body. It helps to monitor this when you are attaching the head to the body. As you sew around the neck, add stuffing until you are satisfied and the flop is gone!

LONI the Lion

I wonder, which Lalylala should I make next?

  • Pattern: Lalylala
  • Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Warm Brown: Red Heart (vintage) in Coffee; Red Heart With Love in Eggshell
  • Hook: Clover Soft Touch, 3.75mm
  • Other Materials: 12mm plastic safety eyes from Glass Eyes Online; polyester Fiber Fill from Hawaiian Pillow
  • Photo credit: A River Lily

Adventures in Lalylala Land: Part 3

Next in my journey is Vlad the vampire!

This one took a bit more time than the others. Of the ones I’ve made so far, this required more pieces to assemble. There’s nothing much else to say about this project, really. The pattern is well written like always and uses less than 10 pages. Other than that, cute as expected! Picture time!

VLAD the Vampire

Vlad the Vampire

Vlad the Vampire

  • Pattern: Vlad the Vampire from Lalylala
  • Yarn: Red Heart in Gray; Red Heart Super Saver in Black Fleck; Red Heart With Love in Eggshell; Caron Simply Soft Light in Magenta; Drops Alpaca in Medium Gray
  • Hook: Clover Soft Touch, 3.75mm
  • Other materials: Fiber Fill by Hawaiian Pillow; 15mm plastic safety eyes from Glass eyes online

Coming next is Loni the Lion!

Adventures in Lalylala Land: Part 2

If you love Lalylala dolls as much as I do, you can predict correctly that this will be a series in my crochet journey. You can see my first Lalylala creation here.

And for the next installment, comes Buzz the housefly! The pattern can be found here. As a special order, the customer wanted a pink body instead.

This pattern has more pieces than it looks, requiring more time than Fibi the fox. I opted for a crochet scarf instead of the prescribed knit to see if it would be just as adorable. And it was! If possible, I suggest using yarn with “flecks” to give it some texture.

Anyways…more Lalylala Land stuff in the future!